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2017 Football Calendar


Rather than continuing to release the Football Weblog football calendar one month at a time, I decided to quit pussyfooting around and release the entire 2017 calendar in one fell swoop.  The calendar’s format is Megan Fox-attractive, and pre-formatted to

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March 2017 Football Calendar


Knocking out this month’s calendar took longer than I thought it would.  You’d think I would learn!  Regardless, I found my ‘two-minute warning zone’ and finished the calendar in the nick of time. Another Jack Kurzenknabe sketch has made its

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February 2017 Football Calendar


Keep your finger on the pulse of football during the off-season by downloading and printing Football Weblog’s monthly football calendar.  February’s calendar is now ready to go.  It’s configured to fit on a standard 8½ x 11 sheet of paper. 

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January 2017 Football Calendar


Hey Cool Cats and Kittens!  Football Weblog’s January 2017 Football Calendar is now available — and we’ve changed the format to make it more modern and pleasing to the eye.  I hope you like it! When I head back to

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December 2016 Football Calendar


This month’s calendar showcases vintage football-related games and gifts a person might have received for Christmas years ago.  In fact, I have fond memories of pretty much every item shown.  My cousin Chris, for example, received the Mattel Talking Football

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November 2016 Football Calendar


This month’s Football Weblog calendar features vintage artwork of the game program cover from the 1961 match-up between Pennsylvania’s Haverford and Upper Darby high school football teams.  The game was played – and continues to be played – on Thanksgiving

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October 2016 Football Calendar


The football season is scampering by as fast as DeSean Jackson on a go route.  Track these fleeting days with Football Weblog’s bonzer monthly football calendar. Football Weblog’s monthly calendar comes in two formats. The first is configured to print

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September 2016 Football Calendar


For those of you that enjoy displaying our monthly calendar, September 2016 is ready.  This month, Sunday was enlarged so all the scheduled NFL games could be individually listed.  You won’t find other calendar publishers trying that sort of twisted tommyrot,

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August 2016 Football Calendar


In 1929, Ohio State hosted Iowa in a hard fought classic duel that saw the Buckeyes pull out a narrow 7-6 win.  This month’s calendar features cover art from that day’s game program. Football Weblog’s monthly calendar comes in two

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July 2016 Football Calendar


In 2014, Facebook released a map that identified the NFL team that received the most “Likes” for each U.S. county.  It’s a colorful and interesting diagram, so I decided to feature it in this month’s football calendar.  The thing I

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June 2016 Football Calendar


Modern football can be vicious. Common injuries include strains, sprains, tears, contusions, separations, dislocations, and concussions. But we’ve come a long way since the killing fields-era of early American football. Football in the early 1900s was lethally brutal. In 1904

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May 2016 Football Calendar


When I was young, back when rocks were still soft, my best friend, Jack, received the most awesomest present a 10-year-old boy could receive.  It was a Tudor electric football game featuring the Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs in

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April 2016 Football Calendar


The birds are singing, the cold winter weather is behind us, and the warm sun and rain showers are greening up the lawns and making the trees bud.  As Kip Dynamite would say, “that’s pretty cool I guess”.  But if

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March 2016 Football Calendar


The 2015-16 gridiron season continues to wind down.  This is the slowest time of the year when it comes to football.  Yet a glimmer of hope can already be seen.  The NFL Regional Combines are in full swing, and the

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February 2016 Football Calendar


The NFL Conference Championships are in the books and the final game of the season is set:  It will be the Denver Broncos taking on the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.  As I write this, the sportsbooks favor the

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