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Notice: No Week 7 Content


The best part of running my own website is having the freedom to post about anything I think will be useful and interesting to you, the readers.  The problem is, when something unexpected comes up, there’s no one to back

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Wishes for a Joyous Easter!

Wishing all of you a Joyous and Blessed Easter! ~Randy

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Football Weblog Moonshot: March 2016 Update


In December of 2014, Football Weblog eclipsed 15,000 all-time views.  I acknowledged that landmark number with a fun, little John F. Kennedy-like post proclaiming that Football Weblog is shooting for the moon.  The post included an image showing a rocket

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Football Weblog: Three Seasons of Epic Fun


Three years ago on this date – March 15, 2013 – I published my first Football Weblog post.  To mark the anniversary, I’ve created a short video.  For those of you that frequent Football Weblog, the video is a celebration. 

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A Salute to our Veterans

On Veterans Day, put out your flags, cheer the marchers at parades, and go to tributes.  But when you wake up the next day, Nov. 12, remember that it’s still Veterans Day for our veterans — and it will be

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It’s Football Season!

I’ll keep track of how teams are doing in MLB, the NBA, the NHL — all sports, really — but if you’re like me, this cartoon ties it all up in a neat little package!

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Football Weblog Happenings

This post is just a quick summary of some recent happenings at Football Weblog. I love adding interesting football-related items to this website, but when things break, it’s frustrating. Recently I discovered that the slideshows on some of my posts

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2015 Memorial Day Tribute

It’s Memorial Day weekend, so I’m diverging from football to pass along a poem by Amanda Bradley. The world needs a little more of the sanity she conveys. Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody. As always, run to daylight. ~Randy

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Football Weblog Shoots for the Moon


Thanks to everyone for helping Football Weblog reach new heights.  On December 21st, this site surpassed 15,000 views.  That number may not be much for a big website, but it’s a milestone to celebrate here. To put things into perspective,

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