2017 Week 1 NFL Power Rankings and Picks


Prior to the 2013 NFL season, I researched the factors that determine the best fantasy kickers.  The study unmistakably showed that kickers playing for teams that win and score a lot of points have the most fantasy success.  (See the August 2013 post.)  I analyzed the study again later that year to see if a real-world correlation truly existed to back up the research.  Clearly I was on to something.  Through the first eight weeks of the 2013 season, the accuracy of Football Weblog’s kicker rankings were handily outperforming other recognized fantasy football experts.  (See the November 2013 post.)

Football Weblog continues to use this same method to rank kickers on our little known but significant cheatsheets.  In fact, these research results have become such an important consideration that I now incorporate them into the ranking of other positions as well.  Further, I’ve recently realized that winning and scoring a lot of points is also a great indicator of the best NFL teams – a power ranking per se.

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Free Fantasy Football Cheatsheet Week 1 2017


I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars.  Football is here.  Select the link below for Football Weblog’s Free Fantasy Football Cheatsheet for week 1.  Let’s roll.

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2017 Pro Football Wallet Schedule

Things have been stupid hectic for me on the home front, but I finally found time to post about Football Weblog’s exclusive 2017 Pro Football Wallet Schedule.  Like last season, this year’s wallet schedule lists all 256 regular season NFL games on sturdy 14pt matte-coated cardstock.  NFC games are shown on one side; AFC games on the other.  The schedule is color-coded to quickly identify Monday night games, Thursday games, byes, etc.  Printed dimensions are 3-½” x 6”, but include two score lines to enable easy folding to a compact 2” x 3-½” – a perfect business card size for your wallet.


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Run a Weekly Football Pool


Much of the enjoyment of football revolves around the competitions and contests surrounding it – the games within the game.  A football pool is one of those games that’s always easy and fun to play.  Best of all, Football Weblog has created the football pool forms for you, in PDF format, ready to download and print.  You’ll find the link to the forms at the end of this post.

Running a football pool is easy.  Contestants (your family, friends, and co-workers) fill out a copy of the current week’s form by circling the team they think will win each game.  They also pencil in a guess of how many points they believe will be scored in the Monday night game (for tiebreaking purposes).  They submit the form to you prior to kickoff of that week’s first matchup.  After all the games have been played, you review the forms.  The person that finishes the week with the most correct games is deemed that week’s winner.
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2017 NFL Record & Fact Book Released


For those of you that have been waiting with bated breath for the 2017 NFL Record & Fact Book, wait no longer.  The NFL released the book on Monday and it’s available for immediate download in PDF format.

If you’ve never been introduced to this book before, it’s time to make your acquaintance.  The book is phenomenal.  By making publications like this available – for free – there’s little wonder how the NFL has become the most popular sport in America.  Topping out at 851 pages, the 2017 NFL Record & Fact Book is the essential information compendium for the game of football.  The link to the publication is below.

Thank you, NFL!

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2017 NFL Kickoff Information Guide


Post0174_Kickoff_GuideAre you salivating for the start of football?  I have just the thing to whet your appetite: The 2017 NFL Kickoff Information Guide.  The Kickoff Information Guide is published by the NFL, and it’s a supersized football appetizer.  It contains 204 pages of colorful and interesting tidbits outlining the teams, players, coaches – and just about anything else NFL-related.  The NFL Kickoff Information Guide is the perfect hors d’oeuvre to start your 2017 NFL season.  The fasting is over, my friends!  Select the link below to check it out.

As always, run to daylight!

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Newfoundland Time Zone One Page NFL Schedule Fixed


Another shout out to Simon for pointing out that the One Page 2017 NFL Schedule for the Newfoundland time zone was messed up.  Thanks for having my back – again!

The Newfoundland time zone is an outlier in that it’s not one hour different from neighboring time zones (like most time zones are!), but ½ an hour different.  I erroneously made the assumption that there’s an hour difference.  The dumb thing on my part is that I already knew about this anomaly since I created a Newfoundland time zone one page schedule for the CFL just a couple of weeks ago.  Tipping too many brown bottles, I guess!

Regardless, it’s all fixed up now.  The link to all of the NFL One Page 2017 Schedules is below.

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More One Page 2017 NFL Schedules


I live in the upper Midwest, and am a drooling ignoramus when it comes to geography beyond Frostbite Falls, Minnesota.  As such, the West Indies are as foreign to me as it would be to a Northern flying squirrel or a moose.  Nonetheless, I decided to add new One Page NFL Schedules for the Eastern Caribbean area, and for the Atlantic and Newfoundland time zones.  (Thanks for the suggestion, Simon!)

A link to all of Football Weblog’s One Page 2017 NFL Schedules can be found below.  As always, please feel free to contact me if you notice any problems with the schedules or have any suggestions.  Thank you!

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