One Page NFL Schedules For European Time Zones

Football continues to gain a following in Europe.  Over the past several years the NFL has slowly expanded its European footprint.  There’s even serious discussion to place an NFL team in London.  To placate the burgeoning NFL fan base in the old country, I decided it was time to add One Page NFL Schedules to my schedule repertoire for the three Western-most European time zones.

Because of the wide differences in time between Europe and the U.S., the European schedules are filled with some crazy anomalies.  For example, Monday Night Football games actually take place on Tuesday in Europe.  Similarly, Thursday Night and Sunday Night games are played on Friday and Monday respectively.  And because Europe changes from Summer Time to Standard Time on a different weekend than Daylight Saving Time is observed in America…well, let’s just say that creating the schedules for Europe was like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree.

Despite the challenges, I was able to manifest the One Page NFL Schedules for Europe into existence.  It’s my small way to welcome all the gridiron fans on the other side of the pond to the NFL.  Click the links below, or select the ‘Schedules/Calendars’ menu at, to access the NFL Schedules for European Time Zones.  I hope you find the One Page NFL Schedule handy and helpful.  Enjoy!

As always, run to daylight!

One Page 2017 NFL Schedules for European Time Zones
One Page 2017 NFL Schedules for European Time Zones With Scores


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