NFL Cheerleading Squad Names

26 of the 32 NFL teams currently have cheerleading squads.  Through the years, most cheer squads simply took on the rather blasé moniker of their team.  For example, the Cardinals Cheer team is known as the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders.  (Yawn.)  Some cheerleading squads are a bit more imaginative with their names.  Listed below is a list of the innovative cheerleading outliers, past and present, that blazed their own moniker trail.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Cheerleader Evolution - Marionette...Statuette...Steelerettes...Raiderette!

Cheerleader Evolution – Marionette…Statuette…Steelerettes…Raiderette!

Atlanta Falconettes
Buffalo Jills
Carolina Topcats
Chicago Honey Bears
Cincinnati Ben-Gals
Cleveland Brownettes
Dallas CowBelles & Beaux
Denver Bronco Belles
Denver Pony Express
Green Bay Packerettes
Green Bay Golden Girls
Green Bay Sideliners
Houston Derrick Dolls
Jacksonville ROAR
Kansas City Chiefettes
Los Angeles Embraceable Ewes
Miami Dolphin Dolls
Miami Dolphin Starbrites
Minnesota Vi-Queens
Minnesota Parkettes (St. Louis Park High School)
New Orleans Angels
New Orleans Bonnes Amiees
New Orleans Saints Dancers
New Orleans Mam’selles
New Orleans Saintsations
New York Jets Flag Crew
New York Jets Flight Crew
Oakland Raiderettes
Philadelphia Eaglettes
Philadelphia Liberty Belles
Pittsburgh Steelerettes
San Diego Chargettes
San Diego Charger Girls
San Francisco Niner Nuggets
San Francisco Gold Rush
Seattle Sea Gals
Tampa Bay SwashBucklers
Washington Redskinettes

Jacks and Jills

Jacks and Jills


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