May 2016 Football Calendar

When I was young, back when rocks were still soft, my best friend, Jack, received the most awesomest present a 10-year-old boy could receive.  It was a Tudor electric football game featuring the Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl IV.  As electric football games go, there was probably never a more realistic model produced.  As a Vikings fan, despite the Purple’s loss in Super Bowl IV, it was a piece of art.  I appreciated the game even at that young age and drool over it to this day.  Jack is no longer the football fan that I am, but knows something special when he sees it.  He still has the game some 45 odd years later.  I feature a picture of the game in this month’s football calendar.

Football Weblog’s calendar comes in two different formats. The first is ready to print on two standard 8½ x 11 sheets of paper. The second format is for those of you that own a printer that supports 11 x 17 paper. The entire month — picture and calendar — fits neatly on one tabloid-sized paper. Select the format you’d prefer from the links below.

Click HERE for the 8½ x 11 May 2016 NFL Calendar.
Click HERE for the 11 x 17 version.

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