June 2016 Football Calendar

Modern football can be vicious. Common injuries include strains, sprains, tears, contusions, separations, dislocations, and concussions. But we’ve come a long way since the killing fields-era of early American football. Football in the early 1900s was lethally brutal. In 1904 alone, the Chicago Tribune reported 18 deaths and 159 severe injuries on the football field – mostly among prep school players.

Football Weblog’s June 2016 Football Calendar features James Francis Wathohunk Thorpe, a player that not only survived but starred in the early 20th century. Jim Thorpe was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1963, and is celebrated as “The World’s Greatest Athlete”.

Football Weblog’s monthly calendar comes in two different formats. The first is formatted to print on two standard 8½ x 11 sheets of paper. The second is formatted to fit an 11 x 17 sheet. Choose your desired format from the links below.

Click HERE for the 8½ x 11 version
Click HERE for the 11 x 17 version

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