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It’s not every day that I’m inspired by a 9-year old girl, but Samantha Gordon is no ordinary girl. Sam is from the Salt Lake City area in Utah and plays football with the boys. But to simply say that she is on the same team with the boys is an injustice. Sam dominated her peers on both sides of the ball.

Sam gained notoriety for her football skills after her dad posted highlights of her 2012 season on YouTube. The video went viral. After being on YouTube for only two days, there were almost 5 million views. This alone is testament to the magnificence of her game.

In 2012, Sam scored 25 touchdowns and 10 two-point conversions. She scampered for 1,911 rushing yards on 232 carries – an eye-popping 8.2 yards per carry. Additionally, on defense, Sam notched 65 tackles.

Sam could be a case study on why NFL teams seek speed. She is lightning fast, and she demonstrates time and again why owning speed in the game of football is king. But in addition to her quickness, Sam also has tremendous vision. Her innate feel for the game is obvious. Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson, and Adrian Peterson have nothing on her!

Check out her highlight video. The girl is amazing!

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