Game Review: GoLong!

GoLong! football die game, by Zobmondo

GoLong! football die game, by Zobmondo

We had yet to beat them.  In our first meeting we struck early and confidently led 10-0 at the half.  It all evaporated in the second half, and we fell 24-29.  Our second meeting was a bloodbath.  We were destroyed 21-51.  This would be our third meeting.  Despite our 0-2 record against this team, we were determined to right the ship and bring home a victory.  We were hungry for a win.

We won the coin toss and deferred to kickoff.  It became apparent right away that this game would be a battle.  After forcing a turnover on our opponent’s first drive, we drove downfield, but couldn’t punch it in.  We settled for a field goal and came away with an early 3-0 lead.  The score seesawed for the remainder of the half.  They found pay dirt making the score 7-3.  We responded with our own touchdown, and recaptured the lead 10-7.  Early in the second quarter, they scored again, going up 14-10.  Before the half ended we garnered another field goal.  In a hard fought contest, we trailed 13-14 at the half.

The start to the second half was a sweet one.  Our return man received the kickoff, headed up field, found a seam, and was gone.  Touchdown!  Now we had a decision to make.  A two-point conversion would tie the game, but we opted for the extra point kick since it was just the start of the second half.  There was plenty of time to add to our score.  The kick was good, and we were content to trail by one at 20-21.

The next few drives we jockeyed for field position.  Then, just prior to the fourth quarter, our opponent punched in a score.  The extra point was good, and we found ourselves down 20-28 late in the game.

We went to work in the fourth quarter.  We needed some scores, and we needed them fast.  We methodically drove down field and were rewarded with a touchdown early in the fourth.  Now our decision was obvious: We desperately needed a two-point conversion to knot things up at 28.  Unfortunately our try came up short, and we remained down by two.  Panic began to set in.

That’s when the game unraveled.  We were not able to stop the ensuing drive.  The ball was shoved down our throats, and they found the end zone again.  We scored a touchdown late in the game pulling to within two at 33-35, but were unable to stop the onslaught of our opponent on the final drive.  It was loss number three for our team.  The final score: 33-42.  I have yet to defeat my wife.

We were playing GoLong!, a football die game by Zobmondo.  It’s played by rolling a set of 12-sided die, so the realism is not exactly up to par with Madden NFL 13, but the game is fun nonetheless.  Luck plays a big part in this game (which must be why I have yet to beat my wife).    😛    But football strategy does come into play.  For example, a person often has to decide whether to try to grind out the yardage to keep the chains moving, or to ignore the short yardage doctrine in favor of going for the big play.  Also, there are decisions that must be made at key moments in the game, like when I chose to go for a two-point conversion.

The contents of the GoLong! football game are colorful and charming.

The contents of the GoLong! football game are colorful and charming.

GoLong! is easy to learn.  You’ll be battling on the gridiron five minutes after opening the game.  It’s simple enough for kids to play too.  The game box states that it’s geared for ages 8 to adult.  Kids will love it.  Adults will love it.  In a nutshell, it’s a great family game.

I do have a couple of gripes, but they are minor.  The first is that kickoffs are not the most authentic.  Huge returns are too commonplace, but I suppose it makes for a higher scoring game, which can add to the enjoyment.  Also, yardage and scoring is tracked on a tally sheet.  As a result, things can get clumsy and confusing, especially when penalties and loss of yards come into play.

My wife picked up GoLong! at our local Target retail store.  I don’t remember what she paid, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find it for less money online.  I noticed that there are copies of the game at for around $12 bucks, including shipping.  That’s a fair price.  It’s definitely worth it at that price.

All in all, I give GoLong! 4 out of 5 stars.  It’s a simple game, yet rich enough to satisfy that gridiron itch during the off-season or rainy afternoons.  Best of all, if you buy this game, you won’t have to take on my wife.  She’s a bearcat!

As always, run to daylight.

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