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The NFL recently launched the NFL Newborn Fan Club.  Don’t let the name fool you however.  It’s not just for newborns.  Kids born since January 1, 2012, are currently eligible to join.  You can even enroll your child if you are expecting!  The cost?  Totally free!  If you’re a parent/grandparent, or parent/grandparent-to-be, be sure to enroll your child soon.  It’s a great way to pass on your football traditions to the next generation.



Fans of all 32 NFL teams are welcome to participate and will receive team-specific content.  Some of the items each club member can expect to receive include:

  • Personalized digital birth certificate from your favorite team that includes your child’s name
  • Personalized image of the birth announcement on a team video board
  • Bi-annual newsletter containing NFL and team news and events, NFL digital content, and parenting tips from Pampers
  • Entry in a sweepstakes to win baby apparel from Gerber Childrenswear
  • Discounts throughout the year at
  • Discounts on Pampers products
  • NFL Media content tailored to new parents

For more information on the fan club, or to join, visit the NFL Newborn Fan Club website HERE.

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