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On July 27th, with little fanfare, the NFL released its 2015 Kickoff Information Guide.  This publication is offered by the NFL for free.

On the surface, you might think it strange that the NFL – an organization all about making money – would spend their resources knocking out a free football publication.  Mind you, this isn’t a tiny little handout.  The 2015 Kickoff Information Guide is a 176-page monster chockfull of quality information.  There are articles about the players, teams, and coaches, along with tons of other material.  It’s an easy rival to the football rags you find at the newsstands, most of which are pushing the $10 envelope.  So what gives?  Has the NFL lost its collective mind to offer a first-rate magazine for free?  Hardly.

The NFL is smart.  They take the resources they earn with their past successes and, rather than pocketing the capital, invest in projects that grow their product.  That’s what’s going on with this free publication.  It’s an investment in football’s future.  Yes, there is a cost involved to the NFL, but football fans like you and I eat it up.  It generates interest and excitement for the game, which leads to more ticket sales and NFL merchandise purchases.

Never underestimate the power of free market capitalism.  It’s inspired the NFL to create one helluva football journal!

2015 Kickoff Information Guide


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