Free NFL Cheatsheets

It’s a new era for Football Weblog!  We now offer Free NFL Cheatsheets!

Since most of you have already held your fantasy drafts, I’m late for the party with the initial Preseason Cheatsheet, but moving forward you can expect a new, updated cheatsheet each Wednesday.

Actually, two cheatsheets will be published each week:  One will rank players for the upcoming week to help you choose starters; the other will rank each player’s value moving forward (i.e., current week through week 16) to help you decide roster adds and drops.

For those of you that have been visiting Football Weblog for a while, you’re used to our innovative kicker cheatsheets that use regression analysis to determine rankings.  (See our 2013 post “Using the Science of Statistics to Select a Fantasy Kicker”.)  Rest assured, kickers will continue to be graded using this method because of its proven accuracy.  It’s just that now I’ll be including other skill player position rankings alongside the kickers.

Football Weblog’s cheatsheets are based on the following common scoring system:

  • Passing TDs = 4 points
  • All Other Offensive TDs = 6 points
  • Passing Yards = 1 point per 10 yards
  • Rushing/Receiving Yards = 1 point per 20 yards
  • Field Goals = 3 points
  • Extra Points = 1 point
  • Fumble/Interception Return TDs = 6 points
  • Punt/Kickoff Return TDs = 6 points
  • Safety = 2 points

Don’t be too concerned if your league’s scoring system isn’t an exact match.  Unless your league uses some strange, eccentric scoring method, player rankings will be relatively consistent even between dissimilar scoring systems.  This scoring system was selected because of its widespread use.

Lastly, Football Weblog’s cheatsheets will be published in PDF format.  This permits the cheatsheet to be viewed online, yet is pre-formatted to print faithfully to a single standard sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 paper if a hard-copy is desired.

Good luck to your 2015 fantasy football team!  I hope Football Weblog’s cheatsheets will be the catalyst you need to bring home the Championship Cup!

Click HERE for Football Weblog’s 2015 Preseason NFL Cheatsheet.

As always, run to daylight!


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Free Cheatsheets

Football Weblog is excited to now offer Free Fantasy Football Cheatsheets! Don't mistake 'free' to mean 'sub-par'. We work relentlessly to assure the accuracy of our rankings! Click HERE to check out these cutting-edge cheatsheets, and gain that little extra advantage to win your fantasy league championship!