April 2016 Football Calendar

The birds are singing, the cold winter weather is behind us, and the warm sun and rain showers are greening up the lawns and making the trees bud.  As Kip Dynamite would say, “that’s pretty cool I guess”.  But if you’re a football fan, it’s still the dark days, because football season is about as far away as it can get.  Yet there are still things to get excited about.  April means the NFL Player Draft.  It’s always fun to see where the top prospects end up, and speculate what those new player additions will mean to the clubs that select them.

Football Weblog’s monthly football calendar can help too.  Not only does it show the dates of the 2016 NFL Player Draft (April 28-30), but it also includes the birth dates of the best NFL players, both past and present.  Displaying Football Weblog’s colorful calendar is a great way to show that you’re a football fan.

Football Weblog’s calendar comes in two different formats.  The first is ready to print on two standard 8½ x 11 sheets of paper.  The second format is for those of you that own a printer that supports 11 x 17 paper.  The entire month — picture and calendar — fits neatly on one tabloid-sized paper.  Select the format you’d prefer from the links below.

Click HERE for the 8½ x 11 April 2016 NFL Calendar.
Click HERE for the 11 x 17 version.

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