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September 2015 NFL Calendar


Our September 2015 calendar is loose!!!  Here are the links to the calendar in PDF format, ready for you to print and display in your highrise luxury suite in the heart of downtown Battle Creek, Michigan – or on the

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Fantasy Draft Alternative

If you’re the commissioner of a fantasy football league, you have my respect.  Running a great league is a huge investment in time.  Until you’ve been commissioner of a league, you have no idea the amount of work and hassle

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More Bad Lip Reading of the NFL


As we ramp up for the 2015 NFL season, I thought it would be a good time to include the follow-up video to the original The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading that went viral.  This second video – More NFL:

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Football Weblog Happenings

This post is just a quick summary of some recent happenings at Football Weblog. I love adding interesting football-related items to this website, but when things break, it’s frustrating. Recently I discovered that the slideshows on some of my posts

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Free NFL Publication


On July 27th, with little fanfare, the NFL released its 2015 Kickoff Information Guide.  This publication is offered by the NFL for free. On the surface, you might think it strange that the NFL – an organization all about making

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August 2015 NFL Calendar


Well, a long trip to Alaska and the inevitable time spent catching up upon my return, coupled with other commitments, had “ol’ Gil” reeling this month, but we were finally able to knock out this month’s football calendar only a

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