2015 Week 15 Printable Standings (Dec. 18)

Two thoughts after last night’s Rams-Bucs game: (1) The “color rush” uniforms looked like the game was being played in pajamas, and (2) Tavon Austin used to be on my fantasy roster, and now that our add/drop deadline has passed, I wish I would have kept him.  I will not be voted ‘Coach of the Year’ in my fantasy football league!

The only change in the standings after the game was the Bucs dropping to 3rd place in the NFC South, now half a game behind the Falcons.

As teams ramp things up for the final playoff push, make sure you follow along with Football Weblog’s colorful NFL standings — perfect for displaying on the slaughterhouse walls at your workplace, or in your dank nuclear fallout shelter.  It’s a fun way to show you’re an NFL fan!

Football Weblog’s Printable Standings come in two versions: PDF and PNG. The PDF is formatted to print on 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper. The PNG is to be saved as the wallpaper image on your computer background. Enjoy!

December 18 Printable Standings (PDF)
December 18 Standings Wallpaper (4096 x 3072 PNG)


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