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A Football Joke


Have you ever heard of Voki?  It’s a website that allows a person to create animated flash videos.  You can check it out at  Anyway, I was playing around there today and made a video of a football joke. 

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Display a Vintage Football Calendar


Football memorabilia is cool.  It can take you back in time and effect fond memories of a favorite player or magical season.  It’s even cooler when it serves a purpose.  A great example is an old, vintage football calendar.  The

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42 Yard Extra Point

Last season, NFL kickers successfully converted 99.6 percent of their extra point attempts. It’s become so automatic that the NFL Competition Committee is considering making changes to add difficulty to the extra point attempt, and hence create more excitement. One

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Uniform

The Tampa Bay Bucs unveiled new uniforms on Monday.  My first reaction was that they’re too flashy.  My personal tastes are throwback style.  If it were up to me, the Bucs would be sporting simple pewter pants, white or red

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