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The Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleader, Final


Congratulations go out to Casey of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders for being voted the Champion of Football Weblog’s First Annual Clash of the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders tournament!  Once the final matchup was set, my money was on Casey to win

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Online Football Game


Hey, give this online football game a try.  It’s called Running Back Attack.  The object of the game is to weave your way through a host of rabid defenders intent on giving you a smack down.  The game is played

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The Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleader, Round Five Championship


It’s been a long and grueling playoff, but we’ve finally made it to the Super Bowl of our 1st Annual Clash of the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders tournament.  (See the tournament bracket HERE.)  It will be Casey, representing Houston, versus Anjelica,

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Girl Football Star


It’s not every day that I’m inspired by a 9-year old girl, but Samantha Gordon is no ordinary girl. Sam is from the Salt Lake City area in Utah and plays football with the boys. But to simply say that

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Star Wars Football Helmets

AFC South

A long time ago, in a football league far, far away…. It is a period of gridiron battles.  A young and boisterous squad, striking with quick hitting slants, has dominated the first quarter action against the grizzled veteran stalwarts. During

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The Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleader, Round Four Semi-finals


We’re a gettin’ down to the nitty gritty!  26 gals started this competition, and only four remain. We are guaranteed that a blonde will advance to the championship matchup.  Ashlee-TB and Casey-Hou are both blondes, and they square off this

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NFL Keyboard


I was thinking about my keyboard the other day and had an idea.  Rather than a plain Jane keyboard, how awesome would it be to substitute letters from NFL team logos for each key?  I decided to lay out a

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