2014 NFL Wallet Schedule

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the contents of his or her wallet.  It makes sense, then, if you’re a football fan, that at least one item in your billfold is football related.  I’m guessing that one of those slick, little pocket schedules for your favorite team might be tucked away in your wallet right now.  But why limit yourself to just one team’s schedule?  If you could, wouldn’t you rather have a pocket schedule that lists the entire NFL schedule?  Is that even possible???  Yes it is!

I’ve created a wallet schedule, ready to print in PDF format, which lists every 2014 NFL regular season game, yet is sized to fit on a standard 2″ x 3-1/2″ business card.  It may sound like a lot of stuff crammed into a small area, but rest assured – if your printer is worth its salt – it will all be legible.  That being said, the owners of 40+ year old eyes will want to make sure to have his/her cheaters (reading glasses) at ready.

Some suggestions for making your pocket schedule as handy and legible as possible:

  • Normal paper stock is flimsy and will not wear well.  If you’re going to be carrying your schedule in your wallet, use heavier paper.  You may even want to consider running to Kinkos and having your pocket schedule laminated.
  • Use a laser printer.  As a rule, a laser printer will provide sharper text, and the design will be less apt to bleed if your schedule gets damp or wet.

To access the 2014 NFL Wallet Schedule, click on the link (below).  Enjoy!

2014 NFL Wallet Schedule


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