2014 NFL Standings Printable

Every football fan enjoys following their favorite teams and seeing how they stand in comparison to the rest of the league.  That’s why newspapers and websites publish weekly standings, so a person can see at a glance which teams are performing best, scoring the most points, and winning the majority of games.

In this post, I’ve published a colorful standings sheet in PDF format, ready to be printed and displayed in your cubicle at work, the side of your refrigerator, or wherever it’s most handy to reference.  (See link below.)  Of course, I’ll be publishing a new printable standings sheet each week as the season moves forward.

To make things even more convenient for you, I’ve added a new menu selection to our website called ‘Printables’.  When you select this menu item, you’ll be taken to our ‘Printables’ webpage.  The ‘Printables’ page will be updated each week with a link to download the current printable standings sheet, along with links for other printables you may enjoy.

As always, run to daylight!

2014 NFL Standings Printable – Week 8

You can find updated NFL Standings on our exclusive ‘Printables’ webpage.  Simply select ‘Printables’ from the top menu to access.

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