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Best Football Song of All-Time

I’ve been thinking recently about music as it relates to football.  There are classics such as those from Sam Spence and NFL Films.  Round Up, The Magnificent Eleven, and Up She Rises are all great examples of Spence’s timeless football

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DeAndre Hopkins

Fantasy football players, take note: DeAndre Hopkins is going to be a beast. I was at the gym several weeks ago getting ready for some dumbbell flyes and glanced at one of the gym televisions.  ESPN was showing highlights of

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Best Names of the 2013 NFL Player Draft

As I’ve been sifting through the players selected in the 2013 NFL Player’s Draft, I’m enjoying the unique names of some of the players.  Many names are new to me.  As much as I love football, I sheepishly have to

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List of All Team Names in NFL History

The Duluth Eskimos were the first NFL team to put team logos on the sides of their helmets.

I’m going back to my team name penchant for this post.  I’m not sure why, but team names (and their history) are a bit of a fascination for me.  There are 80 separate and distinct franchises that are recognized as

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The Best Football Novels

We’re in the middle of a football drought this time of year.  Football season is months away.  To make it worse, spring is having a late start this year (at least where I live in Minnesnowta), so there’s not even

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Make a Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Making your own fantasy football team name generator is easy to do, and it’s entertaining to see the names that the program comes up with.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I would not recommend using a name generator

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